I’m available for a limited number of speaking engagements, content writing, and sensitivity reading. Email me to request a consultation: contact@callinginthewilderness (dot) com.

My Experience

I serve as a Transracial Adoption Educator with Be the Bridge, a racial literacy non-profit. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and my professional experience is in sales, marketing and content creation. I have a decade of experience from a few industries: manufacturing, educational publishing, and fitness. As a freelance content writer, I’ve worked with brands like Mizuno, Foster Farms, and Blue Diamond.

My writing on adoption has been featured in the Asian American Christian Collaborative, printed in Oregon Humanities, and Rooted in Adoption: A Collection of Adoptee Reflections.

Pieces I’ve Written:

Presentations & Webinars

I have also facilitated panel discussions, presented on adoption & Christianity, transracial adoption & racism, and equity and civic engagement. I’ve also completed the Oregon Humanities facilitator training for leading reflective community conversations.

Podcasts I’ve Been On:

In my hometown I sit on our city’s DEI Advisory Committee, lead a faith-based racial reconciliation group, facilitate a BIPOC connection group, and am on the Leadership Council for a local arm of the Safe Families for Children movement.

What is a Sensitivity Reader?

This is also known as an Authenticity Reader. All kinds of content (words, images, video etc) can perpetuate stereotypes or oppressive beliefs toward marginalized people. A sensitivity reader is someone with a marginalized identity who uses their lived experience and expertise to review your content and identify problematic elements. They help you determine if bias or prejudice is present in your content.

Sensitivity Readers are hired by writers of fiction, journalists and charitable organizations to make sure their story, reporting or marketing materials don’t perpetuate misconceptions or harmful stereotypes about race, gender, religion, disabilities, class etc.

My most recent project was in Young Adult Fiction for an imprint under HarperCollins.

Perspectives I can Speak Too

  • Adoptees, Transracial Adoption
  • Biracial/Asian, Asian American
  • Christianity, Christians
  • Women

Projects I Can Review

  • Articles, Editorials
  • Books, Stories, Lyrics
  • Blogs, Websites, Social Media Content
  • Sermons, Essays
  • Marketing Materials

Note for Agencies & Churches

If you represent a non-profit or organization with an adoption focus or ministry, please reach out to me. Above all else, I believe, just as you do, in providing for children in need in the most ethical and loving way.

However, when helping vulnerable populations whose experience is different from ours, we will likely bring our biases and misconceptions along with our desire to help. We won’t realize if our word choice is offensive or if our materials (articles, pamphlets, etc) have inaccuracies or are misleading.

In adoption, there is a lot of problematic language that is well-meant but hurtful and even dangerous for adoptees. For example, terms like “Forever Family” or “Gotcha Day”, or phrases like “We adopted you because God adopted us first” can be deeply hurtful and offensive.

While not all adoptees are bothered by that language, my job is to be the critical adoptee. I point out all the potential problem areas I notice in your content. That way, you are aware of what language or imagery may cause unintended harm.

Remember, how you frame adoption shapes the posture and priorities of adoptive parents. The perspective I have to offer is nothing less than essential for any organization or group that sets out to help children in need of families. 

What I Will Do

  • Review your entire work (e.g. every phrase, image, etc)
  • Research relevant info to understand the context of your work
  • Provide a project report, highlighting problematic themes I find
  • Provide a detailed list of specific elements with explanation
  • Go over follow-up questions with you in a 30 minute call

Copy Writing & Light Editing

In addition to the sensitivity reading and analysis, you might also want help with how to rephrase or reposition your content. For an additional fee, I can provide some copy writing and light editing.

For example, I mentioned how “Forever Families” is a problematic term. As a sensitivity reader I, would point that out and explain why it’s problematic. What you do with information is up to you.

However, as a copy writer/editor I would suggest that you use another term and offer ideas on alternate wording. Or, depending on the context, I may suggest you omit the phrase all together as it’s not necessary to communicate your message. I cannot rewrite your entire work, but I can help you rework what you’ve got.

How Much Do I Charge?

This depends on the project, so please email me to schedule a consultation. While you wait for my reply, here is a chart for industry standard editorial rates. Please keep in mind the following when you consider what you are paying for:

  • My distinct perspectives from lived experience and self-education.
  • My knowledge and ability to identify problem areas and articulate why they are problematic.
  • My professional background in content creation and marketing.
  • My educational background in literature and literary critique.
  • The amount of time it takes to read/review your content.
  • The time it takes to write the analysis of your content.
  • The time it takes for any contextual research I may do.
  • My expense for the tools and resources I use.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Please email me at contact@callinginthewilderness (dot) com.