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How You Can Support My Work

I’ll start by saying the single most valuable thing you can do is become a patron. If you have appreciated my content, if it has inspired or educated you, then supporting me should feel like a natural thing to do. Everything I create, I pay for out of my own pocket and often stay up until 1am to work after my children have gone to bed. Click below to learn how about Patreon membership.

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However, I have big goals and I know I should ask support for that as well. I hate to share my big, hairy, audacious goals, but…if we want to go far, we go together, right? We have to make our needs known to support one another.

Goal: Write a book & get published.

Writing is in my blood. This site is a testing ground, a way to sharpen my skills and get feedback on my content. However, in order to get a deal with a publisher, I need a significant amount of engaged followers.

So here is what you can do:

  • Subscribe to my emails if you haven’t already.
  • Follow & Like my Facebook Page & invite others.
  • Follow my Instagram writer account. (Coming soon.)
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  • Share, comment on and react to my posts!

Goal: Financially support adoptee creatives.

Here’s the thing. Most content on adoption is for adoptive parents and made by industry pros or other adoptive parents. They make money while the most important voices in adoption (i.e. adoptees) stay marginalized.

Yet adoptees are out here creating content, telling our stories, and leveraging what resources we have. Many of us are getting paid exactly zero dollars for this.

We do it because we know, firsthand, the harmful impact of how adoption is talked about and practiced. We do it because we’re concerned for the next generation of adoptees.

Adoptees benefit most from our work. We find each other and help one another heal. But also, adoptive parents engage with our content out of a desire to better support their children. Other leaders and influencers will tell us how important our voice is and how much the world needs to hear our perspectives.

Help me amplify adoptee voices.

I’m building an Adoptee Influencer Network. My goal is for adoptee centered content to saturate the adoption space online and for adoptees to be paid for the expertise they bring and the content they create.

Your financial support as a patron will help me build the Adoptee Influencer Network, helping adoptees get what they need to continue creating great content.

Adoptees do not create content and become experts on the topic of adoption because it is a fun hobby. What we bring is our expertise born of our painful experiences and the work we’ve put into understanding that, communicating that and casting a vision for reform and change.

Yet, we are constantly asked to create content or answer questions for free for agencies, adoptive parents, religious organizations, etc. This is a form of further exploitation of adoptees and it needs to stop.

Be An #AdopteeAmp

become a patron

If you want a tangible way to support adoptees who are creating content that we all benefit from, this is it. Becoming a patron helps me toward my goals of amplifying adoptee voices in a way that I cannot do alone.

Thank you for supporting. Thanks for reading. Thanks for getting uncomfortable with me.

Grace and peace be with you.